A trip through the history of Coors Brewing and the swamp tour de brewery

Coors Brewery, one of the country’s most successful craft breweries, has been a part of the history for a long time.

For a brief period of time, it was the largest brewery in the world.

Today, it’s a part-time subsidiary of the global beer giant.

The Coors Tour de Pharmacy was originally conceived as an annual public tour through the Coors brewery and its historic pharmacy, but it was expanded to include other parts of the brewery.

The tours are designed to educate consumers about the history, manufacturing and products of the Coos.

The tour will be taking place in 2019. 

 The tour starts with the brewery’s old building and a view of the city, as well as a tour of the surrounding area.

 There are also stops along the way at the brewery to check out the brewery and view its historic and historic-themed exhibit, including a giant Coors beer mug.

The tour then ends at the Coores new headquarters and brewery, which is on the campus of the University of Texas, Dallas.

The brewery has a new taproom opening later this year and a second location in the former Coors Medical Center building is also set to open.

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