Doobie Brothers Tour: The 10 best albums of 2017

New York, NY – May 14, 2017 – Doobies is back.

And they’ve returned with a new album, a new tour, and a new video game.

The new album will be called The Doobys and the tour dates will be set to launch in October.

Dooby has announced that the album will debut on the Doobles App and on Apple Music, along with a series of other digital offerings.

This time, however, Doob’s doing it with a different album title: The Dooby Brothers Tour. 

The album, which is set to drop on September 30th, will be the second new Doob album in the past year.

Dooby previously released the Dooby Book, a collection of music by the band and other musicians.

But this new album is different.

“I don’t want to call this album Doob,” Doob said in a statement.

“It’s called The Goobys.” 

For now, though, the band is sticking with the title. 

“I think the name has become a bit stale,” said drummer Chris Doob.

“You can have your favorite band, but you can also have the band that you really hate.”

Doob explained that he was inspired by a video game called Super Mario Bros. and the Doobs were drawn to that series’ iconic music and video game style.

“We wanted to have a music that was a little more nostalgic, and I thought that was really catchy,” he said. 

Doob said that he and co-founder Jeff Beal are both from Brooklyn and have been playing music together since they were in their teens.

The Doobs said that they decided to make the album in collaboration with the video game company that brought it to life. 

Beal said that the band came up with the idea of doing a Doob series after hearing a few songs that were played during the DooBie Tour.

“The original idea was to do a series for people to go play the game and listen to it, and we started playing the music on a regular basis,” he explained.

“Then we went into the studio and created the album and the video and then we just recorded it. 

“So we’re playing it a lot and it turns out that there’s a lot going on in there. “

We’ve played the song, ‘Super Mario’ and it’s got a lot of that ‘Mario’ sound,” he recalled.

“So we’re playing it a lot and it turns out that there’s a lot going on in there.

It’s got the music that you hear in the game.

We’re not doing it just for nostalgia or for just the music.” 

The new album has a new title too.

“There’s a new name, ‘The DoobIES Tour,’ and it was all done by a team that I’m part of,” Beal said.

“Jeff and I came up a couple years ago and we came up the idea and I was just really excited and excited about doing it.

I really want to do it, but it just seemed like the right thing to do, so I just kept working.” 

Doobs said the band’s music has become more accessible in the years since they released their first album, in 2015.

“People have gone from having to learn how to play the guitar to playing on a piano and playing bass,” he added.

“They’ve gotten better.

They’re more accessible, and the music has changed a lot.” 

After a couple of months of touring, Doobs announced that he would be spending the summer in California working on his next album, the new Dooby movie, which he said he is “really excited about.” 

On Monday, Doopy’s band announced a tour with the legendary Black Sabbath and the Grateful Dead. 

Tickets for the tour go on sale Friday, May 15.

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