How does a tour go when you’ve lost all your friends?

In 2015, a video of a man’s tour bus being dragged by a truck while the driver was distracted by a cellphone went viral.

The video went viral, too, and now a tour company has announced that the driver is going to be fired for driving the bus while distracted.

“This incident has been deeply embarrassing to the company and we are committed to fixing this immediately,” the tour company told ABC News.

“We have taken swift action to identify and address the issue, including providing a statement from the driver, providing the appropriate training to all employees and taking immediate corrective action to remove the driver from the bus.”

The tour company said it is not aware of any accidents that have resulted from distracted driving, but noted that it has experienced one accident in which the driver’s cell phone was in his hand when he took over the wheel.

The tour company also said that the company has received numerous complaints from people who have had the driver distracted while driving, including people in wheelchairs, children, and people with mobility issues.

In the video, the man’s bus stops to take off.

The driver’s phone is on his lap, and he is talking on it while driving.

He also is talking to his wife while driving while distracted, according to the video.

He said he was going to take a photo of the bus.

He then pulls out his phone, which has a picture of his wife on it, and asks if the bus is going.

He does not respond.

The bus drives off, and the man, his wife, and his daughter leave.

The man says he is going back to the airport to pick up his daughter, who was traveling to Florida for her high school graduation, but the bus stops in front of a church.

The bus driver asks the man to stop and talks to him for a bit before the bus gets stuck.

The man continues to drive while talking to the bus driver, who keeps talking on his phone.

Eventually, the bus pulls up, and another bus pulls away, this one carrying the same man.

The driver is then asked by a police officer to get on the bus and give the driver a hand.

The police officer then asks the driver if he wants to get out of the vehicle.

The passenger, however, refuses, telling the officer that the bus has stopped and he needs to get off the bus, and that he needs his daughter to get into the bus as soon as possible.

The officer says, “Are you going to stop talking to me?”

The passenger says, No, I am not.

The officer says he will take the bus to the police station and then ask for the driver to get back on the truck.

The woman asks again, “What are you doing?”

The driver says he was talking to a friend on his cell phone.

The video then cuts to a man who appears to be talking on the phone while driving on a highway.

The passengers and bus driver are then asked to get up off the ground, and a passenger in a wheelchair says, Hey, this guy’s doing the right thing.

“A police officer is then seen looking down at the driver who is speaking on his cellphone while driving a bus, trying to ignore him.

He is then pulled over, and later arrested for driving while texting while driving in a school zone.

This incident was not the first time a tour bus has been dragged by someone’s cellphone, and it may not be the last.

A 2015 incident occurred when a tour driver accidentally drove into a group of kids who were playing in a public playground.

In that case, the driver had a phone on his head.

The incident was caught on video and a video message from the tour operator was posted on Facebook.

The tour operator wrote, “It was my fault that we left the kids alone.

I was driving in the wrong direction and the bus went over the kids, and I did not notice.

The kids should not be alone on a public park playground.

The boys deserve better.

“The bus company says it has seen numerous incidents in which people have driven on public roads while talking on their phones while driving and have then been pulled over.

The company said that it will take immediate action to address the problem, including training all its employees on driving while in a distracted state and taking corrective action.

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