How Slipknot and the Devil tour trolls world tour trolls

SlipkNOT, the group that released the album Slippery in Mind, have taken a trip to South America to troll the world tour for a tour of South America and the Caribbean. 

The tour is the latest in a series of high-profile tours that have seen SlipkLESS tours with acts including The Roots, Mumford & Sons, De La Soul and Thee Oh Sees.

The tour has been called one of the most successful of its kind in recent years and is seen as the band’s best chance to reach fans in the U.S.

A spokesman for the group told Billboard.

“We are proud to announce that our upcoming tour will be the biggest tour in the world and our biggest tour since 2007.

This tour is one of many that will bring fans from around the world to experience our unique style and creativity.”

The tour will take place between February 20-26, 2018 in the capital of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The tour, which will take in some of the world’s most beautiful places, is scheduled to play some of Buenos Aries’ best known destinations, including its famous sunset, La Plata, the Parque de la Paranaque and the historic town of Santa Marta.

“We have a special bond with this tour and its fans,” SlipkLEVEL said in a statement.

“The fact that this tour will hit our hometown of Buenos aries is just the icing on the cake.

The local fans will be able to experience the incredible sights of Buenos Ayres, as well as some of our favorite songs from our previous albums, along with some of SlipkLESPARK.

And we will have our very own tour bus, the Slippery Tour Bus, which is sure to be a highlight of this tour.”

The band has not yet released any official statements regarding the tour, but in a tweet, the band said the tour will not feature any live shows.

The band has also not released a music video for the tour.

SlipkLEV, which has been active since 1991, released their third album, Slippery In Mind, in 2015.

The album featured the debut single, “Bitchin’ in My Mind.”

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