How to dress for the upcoming cat tour

As part of the upcoming dog tour, dogs will be able to wear anything they want, including dog collars, collars with the word “cats” emblazoned on them, or collars that have “cats in them” embled on them.

They will be allowed to wear them wherever they want and on their own, but only if they are in a “cat-friendly” zone.

There will be no dogs allowed in the dog zone, or anywhere else in the cat zone.

Cats in other zones will be given a pass.

In the dog park, cats will be kept to a distance of 20 feet from dogs.

In general, the cat park will be open and will be free of dogs.

Dogs are allowed to wander free of cats.

Pets are allowed on the playground, at the pet shop and in the kennel.

No one under 18 can be in the pet kennels or in the food area.

The dogs will also be allowed out of the kitties area if they have a “pet license.”

Pets will be permitted to roam around the perimeter of the park, but must be accompanied by a responsible adult, and are not allowed on any open grassy area, such as lawns, picnic tables, or other areas with other dogs.

Pets must be in a kenneling, with an appropriate collar, or a kittie-proof enclosure.

Pets cannot be left in the public areas without a kenny kennelling permit.

Pets should be on a leash of no more than 12 feet.

No pets are allowed in vehicles or on the grounds of the cat and dog kennells.

Dogs can be taken into the kitty zone in designated kennell spaces.

Dogs will be restricted to their kenneled areas for the duration of the dog tour.

Dogs must be supervised by a parent or legal guardian.

All visitors must be fully licensed, have a valid driver’s license and identification card, and have permission from a person or entity designated to exercise that authority.

Dogs, cats and other animals are prohibited in any area of the site except on designated areas, or areas that are free of all pets and/or prohibited pets.

The park is closed for Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday.

The dog and cat kennelled areas will be closed from March 15 to Nov. 11.

Pets will not be allowed on certain trails during the dog and/ or cat kennykennelling season.

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