How to get your grand tour in LA: LA tour guide

LOS ANGELES ( — It’s not a common sight, but this airboat tour guide will show you the inside of an airboat in the city that’s been dubbed “The Grand Tour.”

Lauren Daigle is a tour guide for LA’s Southern Pacific Airboat Cruises, and her latest video, “Airboat Tour,” is the third installment of her weekly YouTube series, “The Golden City Tour.”

She also runs her own YouTube channel, “LA Traveler,” and she’s not afraid to get her tongue in her cheek, like she did when she posted this video on her YouTube channel in August.

“A lot of people think of LA as a tourist destination.

But it’s not,” Daigles video says.

“It’s the gateway to Southern California.

And it’s a beautiful place.”

A lot goes into making a perfect airboat ride, she says.

For example, the airboat is the centerpiece of the airship and must be built, inspected and maintained in the Southern Pacific’s Southern California facility.

The airship is also designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and other hazards, such as underwater rock slides.

And the airboats that you see in the video are not the only vessels in LA.

“There are lots of airships,” she says, including the USS Missouri, the World’s Largest Airship and the Airship of Hope.

The Airship is the second largest airship in the world.

“These are the vessels that people are excited about because of their history and because they’re so special,” Daiga says.

Some of the other highlights of the Southern Ocean Airship Cruise tour include the famous LA Zoo and the Santa Monica Pier, where guests will have the opportunity to swim in a giant swimming pool and tour the ocean.

Other highlights include the city’s parks, parks, beaches and other attractions, including LA Live!

and the Museum of the Pacific.

Daigles newest video is called, “A Tour of LA’s Top 50 Airboat Tour Destinations.”

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