How to shop for the best tour merchandise

A new, in-depth guide to buying the best touring gear.

Tune in next week for the full guide, as we take a look at what to buy for your next tour.

The full tour guide:The new tour guide for the world tour is the most comprehensive yet, with more than 150 maps and dozens of tables and charts to help you navigate your way around the globe.

There’s a whole section on “tour stops” (the places where you might see the band play live), as well as details on venues, equipment, and a detailed breakdown of bandmates.

You can also see the bands’ schedules, where they’re playing, and what’s happening in their cities.

For those who prefer the traditional tour book, there are a number of sections on tour dates, equipment and merch.

If you’re really looking for something a little more in-your-face, there’s a section on where to buy a shirt and other gear.

You can also find information on merch in general, including where to find it and where to get it.

We also had the chance to chat with tour merch manager, John Sauer, about the best souvenirs, the best tours, and how to make the most out of a tour trip.

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