How to Win the World Tour and Play with Rascal Flatts

Doobie Brothers star Rascal has said he hopes he’ll be the next Rascal, with his latest album ‘Doobie Tour’ hitting stores in the US and UK.

The rapper, known for rapping about the pitfalls of fame, also said he would be “the next Ralfs” when it comes to playing live shows.

Rascal made the comments on Instagram, which he shared with a picture of himself standing in front of a sea of fans, alongside the caption: “Hey guys, I’ve been working really hard to get this done, I hope to be the first Ralf on the world tour, and I’m so happy with this.

So proud of you all.”

He continued: “I’ve been getting lots of texts, phone calls, Instagram messages from people who know me and know I love you, who love Ralf.

So, yeah, I’m gonna be the new Ralf, but I don’t wanna be the Ralf of the past.”

Rascal also said that he has a “very big” ambition for his next record.

He wrote: “The next one I wanna do, like I said before, I want to make a record that I think is worthy of all the hype and the hype, I wanna be able to say it’s my last one and I wanna make it a huge record.”

The rapper also said in another Instagram post: “This is the next step.

This is my last Ralf.”

Ralf is the youngest Rascal to appear on the PGA Tour, making his debut at the start of 2017.

He was also part of the Rascal’s first US tour in 2017, which saw him play at The Meadows, The Forum and the PNC Arena.

Ralf recently appeared on a promotional tour for the album, with a video featuring his music video for ‘No More Parties In L.A.’

The rapper shared a photo of himself in front a sea, captioning it: “Doobies.

I am back.

Thank you to all my fans for being a part of my first live tour, I had so much fun, so much energy.


Raffie Brothers singer Rascal Fluellen, who is also known as Raffy, also released an Instagram video on Sunday, in which he appeared in a boat with his son.

In the video, Raffi and his son, Rascal Jr., appeared in the water, with Raffey being seen on the bow, while his father was seen sailing.

“It was nice to have you here with me,” Raffrey told the son.

“We’re proud of him.”

Rasslin Fluellan is also on the tour.

The two rappers are part of an American duo called RascalFluell, which has been touring since 2016.

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