New Zealand tour: The redneck comedy touring bike tour guide

A tour of the New Zealand capital has been given the green light after a $2.8 million grant from the Australian government to create a unique touring bike for redneck comedians.

Key points:The redneck tour is the latest in a line of New Zealand tours, the government saidThe government said it was trying to promote the country’s “redneck culture”Tour organisers will have a range of local and regional specialities, including the New South Wales Redneck Comedy FestivalThe grant will support the establishment of a new local tour organisation in Wellington, Wellington Redneck Tours said.

The company, which has been based in Wellington for nearly 10 years, will be working closely with the Wellington Rednecks Festival, the Government said.

It is hoped the grant will help the company create a touring bike that will be used by the Redneck comedians to tour the city.

Redneck comedy, also known as “rednecks”, is a form of redneck culture that is based on the traditional belief that “there’s a good reason for being a redneck”.

It includes wearing a red shirt and carrying a red bowler hat and bowler pen.

The New Zealand government is hoping to attract the rednecks to Wellington by showcasing the city’s traditional redneck-themed culture, as well as its traditional redneck-style architecture.

It said the New York-based New York Redneck Tour was the countrys most successful tour, with more than 70 million viewers watching.

Its Redneck Festival is the longest-running comedy festival in the country, with over 500 events held over the last 20 years.

Last year, the New Orleans Redneck, which attracted more than 10 million viewers, was also recognised for its success in the US.

Tour organizers said the Redneck touring bike would be available in Wellington on the first of March.

“It’s been a long time coming,” said Tourism Wellington’s chief executive Chris Pynn.

“We wanted to come out with something that would really put New Zealand in the limelight.”

The grant was awarded to the Wellington City Council and Wellington RedNecks Festival through the Wellington Foundation.

Tickets to the RedNeck Festival go on sale on April 2.

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