PGA TOUR REQUIRES GIRLS TO TURN IN THE GUIDELINES to receive a free ticket to the championship game

The PGA Tour announced Thursday that it will require all players and fans to wear a wristband that they can sign in the box office or in person to claim a free entry to the PGA Championship.

Players and fans must wear the wristband at the gate to receive the tickets, which are available for purchase at the box offices.

The PGA is requiring the wristbands at all PGA events to be scanned and the wrist band must be valid for a player to claim entry to a PGA event.

The decision was first reported by The Associated Press.

“We have always made our rules clear,” PGA Chairman Tom Kertesz said in a statement.

“If we can get a number of people to wear the same wristband, then we feel that the system is in the best interest of all parties.

Players and their families have been our biggest fans and we want them to have an opportunity to enjoy the game they love.”PGA Tour officials are also requiring that anyone who signs in the lobby or inside the P.A. box to the box must have the wrist bracelet scanned before the P-G event begins.”

We’ve had a number more cases than we thought, and it’s an incredibly busy day at PGA, so it’s really important to ensure we have enough security for everyone,” Kertisz said.

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