Phish: Live From the Philadelphia Phish Festival

Phish, the legendary American rock band, is coming to the Philadelphia Orchestra to perform a new song on Saturday, April 7, the band’s annual Spring Jam.

The performance will be streamed live on the Phish Music Channel on the website.

The Phish concert is the first-ever Phish Jam performance in the Philadelphia area.

“We have been asked many times about our Spring Jam performances,” Phish drummer Rob Zombie told The Next Green in a statement.

“The fans of Phish have been asking for this since we were a little kids.

They have been wanting us to perform in the city for decades, and now we are finally getting it.

So, let’s take it from there!”

Zombie and the band will perform “All I Need” on Saturday.

“I have to say, I’ve never felt more energized in my life,” Zombie said.

“When we were first starting to go into this, it was tough to believe that the band could be here for the first time.

It feels like we are a little closer than we were two years ago.

“It’s an iconic event. “

Phish is always a band that comes out to perform,” Zombie continued.

“It’s an iconic event.

This is an opportunity for us to give back and bring people together.

I think we will be able to bring some great energy to the jam.”

For more information about the Spring Jam, visit

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