Slipknot’s tour is over, but it’s still worth seeing

SlipkNOT tour was over.

It’s still one of the best tours ever to come out of Australia, and it’s always been an exciting time to be a fan.

That’s because the band had to leave for two months while touring their new album, but the tour was worth it for the experience and for the band’s incredible fans, as they watched the band and their fans from their stage.

Read more: SlipkNO tour: We saw the band perform live in the US Read moreIt’s no secret that the tour has been a huge hit with fans around the world, as it has sold out venues in Australia and around the globe.

It was a massive success for the SlipkNordic band, and they’ve been able to share the stage with bands like The National, The Rolling Stones and Foo Fighters.

It wasn’t long after the tour ended that the band began planning their next tour, and we now have our first look at what they have in store.

Read more: The SlipkNT tour 2017 – the biggest surprises, rumours and surprises.

The Slipknt tour 2017 was filmed at the Sydney Opera House, where the band filmed a new song, “You’ve Been Fucked”, which they released on their new EP in March.

In their new video for “You’re Fucked” they played a live rendition of the song, which is a perfect fit for the live venue they played it at.

The band has also been working on a new album called SlipkTronica, which has been going into pre-production for about a year now.

The band has been playing a number of shows around Australia, including Sydney Opera Houses, venues in Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane.

The first of the tour dates, the Perth Show, was announced earlier this month, and you can watch the video below.

You can also see the band play “You Don’t Know” and “No Good” at their show in Perth, which will be held at the Gold Coast Arena on February 25.

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