The Greatest Gimmicks Of 2012

pga tuesday: The Greatest Gammicks Of The Year By: J.M. The title is a reference to the famous phrase “The Greatest Gadget Ever Made.”

It’s a phrase that is popularly believed to be a reference, but there’s no definitive evidence for it.

The story behind the phrase: During the 1950s and 1960s, scientists in Germany were working on a method for developing a new form of radiation-resistant material.

It was a very complicated process, but eventually, they got it working.

What they were trying to do was create a material that would absorb more radiation than conventional materials.

But they couldn’t get a material to be this strong and absorb all the energy.

After months of trials, they finally came up with something called a diamond, which they called a thermate.

Their goal was to get a diamond to be extremely durable, but they couldn�t get it to be very strong.

So they came up a new idea.

They would coat the diamond in diamond-like substances that would make it much stronger.

This new material was called platinum, and it was supposed to be so strong that it would withstand the full radiation of the sun.

But in fact, the diamond didn�t behave the way they were hoping.

Instead, the platinum behaved like the titanium in a titanium-oxide-based paint.

As you can see, this is the gold paint used in today�s cars.

“The Platinum,” as the phrase goes, “did not behave like the Titanium in a Titanium-oxide based paint.

The platinum was completely opaque and would not burn.

It was quite resistant to heat, but not nearly as resistant to radiation as the Titanium.

They had succeeded.

And the world was suddenly very happy.”

The platinum, in other words, didn�ts seem to be that powerful.

To understand why, let�s look at the platinum in its natural state, which is a fairly inert material that is used in many everyday products and in other industrial processes.

The problem is that it reacts with oxygen, which forms the catalytic groups for the reactions that give rise to the chemical reactions that make up the platinum.

So when platinum reacts with a catalyst, it gets stuck in a state called an oxides cycle.

If the catalyst isn�t very strong, the reaction can easily fail.

The oxides of the catalyst, the catalyst is just a very big mess.

In the platinum phase, there is no catalyst, and the catalyst itself is a mess.

It is essentially just a giant blob of platinum, with the oxides still attached to it.

This makes the reaction go much faster and produce much more energy.

So even though the platinum still has the ability to absorb radiation, it can’t absorb all of it.

It can only absorb a fraction of the energy it absorbed.

And that fraction is very small.

One of the ways that platinum reacts is with oxygen.

If the platinum reacts to a catalyst that has been exposed to sunlight, the oxidation reaction will take place.

This is because the platinum has been heated up by the sunlight.

When the platinum is exposed to the sun, it becomes more oxidized, which means it becomes less able to absorb any energy.

This leads to a big energy loss and a huge energy gain, and that�s how the platinum becomes a thermic metal.

Now, there are many ways that the thermic elements can react with each other.

But when the catalyst reacts to an oxidized platinum, the thermate reacts with the catalyst.

And so the catalyst oxidizes the platinum into the thermo.

And when the thermos react with the platinum, they create a thermitic metal.

The catalyst is then in the process of being used as a catalyst again.

And this is where the diamond comes into play.

It oxidizes some platinum and converts the oxidized gold to the diamond.

Because the thermitics react with all of the platinum at the same time, the diamonds become very, very strong and resistant to all of that platinum.

Even though the diamond is still attached, it doesn�t have the ability or desire to oxidize any more platinum.

Instead, the carbon is left behind, and so the diamond gets stronger and stronger.

This process continues, until the diamond becomes as strong as the platinum and is so strong it can absorb all, or at least most, of the solar energy that it is exposed.

When the platinum gets too strong, and even if the thermetics can absorb enough of the sunlight to make it glow, it won�t absorb all that much of the light.

It won�ts absorb as much as it could.

But if the platinum could absorb a lot of the power, it could also absorb enough power to get enough heat to make the platinum glow.

However, the reason the thermates reactions with

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