Tour of the world’s worst tour sites for jokers

A tour of the “worst tour sites” for joker tourists has been launched by the Australian Institute of Criminology (AICC).

The AICC’s Dangerous Tourism Report 2014 finds that more than half of Australia’s tour operators are located in rural and regional areas, including some of the country’s biggest tourist attractions.

“These locations are the most vulnerable and vulnerable to crime and the most likely to be involved in crime, including the most frequent criminal offences,” AICCP deputy director of research and policy Andrew Faull said.

Mr Fauell said many of the sites visited by jokers and the other visitors were located in remote, remote areas.

“The risk to our people is greatest in these areas, and there are a lot of other reasons why they are vulnerable to violence,” he said.

“We need to do more to make sure we are looking after them.”

The report found that a majority of the tourist attractions are located near or within the most remote areas, such as the northern Hunter Valley, the south-western Sydney-Melbourne and the eastern coastal city of Newcastle.

“In most cases, the sites are located at a remote, rural location, in an area where there is a high degree of vulnerability to crime,” Mr Fauill said.

It said there were about 2,000 sites visited each year by tourists in Australia, and most of them were located within 200 kilometres of a major city.

“For most of these locations, a high level of crime and violence is likely to occur,” the report said.

In addition to the crime and safety risks, the AICCC found there were also serious health and safety concerns, including access to clean water and sewage, inadequate access to toilets, poor health facilities, and unsafe accommodation.

The report recommended that Australia should establish a National Crime Prevention and Investigation Agency to address issues such as those.

“Our government has committed to invest an extra $100 million over four years to combat crime in Australia and in this area, we will be taking on more responsibility for this funding,” Mr D’Aloisio said.

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