When Honda Pilot Tour Trolls Trolled the World Tour for Its ‘Battle of Tours’

The Honda Pilot tour troll is back, this time to take on the tour world tour trolls for their battle of tours.

The Trolls have released a trailer for the upcoming tour that is set to hit theaters later this month.

You can watch it below, but be warned that the trailer is very NSFW.

It will take you into the dark, gritty underworld where the trolls are trying to troll the tour and take over.

This will be the second tour in a row for the Honda Pilot, which debuted at the 2018 World Tour Championships in the U.K. in October.

Honda has been trying to bring the tour back to North America since it was scrapped in the United Kingdom in February 2019.

The tour has been on hiatus since the U-turn.

Honda and the tour trolls have worked on a new tour together in the past, but this tour will be different.

The Honda pilot team has been working on the new tour in conjunction with the tour troll team.

This new tour will have a different storyline and will be more interactive.

The Honda Pilot team is making it clear that they are going to have a hard time competing against the tour tour trolls.

Honda is saying, “This tour will test your courage and bravery.

We have some very big plans in store for you in 2018.”

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