When Nickelback tours, the Rascal Flatts tour is the most insane tour you’ll ever take

It’s no secret that Nickelback are huge fans of their hometown of Rochester, New York.

After being born in the city, they spent much of their childhood in the borough, but when they moved to Los Angeles, they began a run of shows in L.A. that included an amazing, five-day run in 2014.

Since then, they’ve been hitting the road for festivals and music festivals around the world.

It’s a perfect storm for the two bandmates, as they have toured together in a few different countries and now they’re in the midst of a summer tour.

In fact, it’s their first trip together since 2013.

But it won’t be the first time they’ve played in different cities.

They’ve played five cities simultaneously, and their first ever trip to Canada, as well as the US, were all in 2018.

The first tour dates are coming in August, with more cities to be announced soon.

The tour’s first stop is the Canadian capital, Toronto, which the band will be playing from June 12-15.

We caught up with Rascal for an exclusive interview and asked him about his favorite cities to play in.

What’s your favorite city to play?

It’s been a pleasure to tour in all five countries and Canada, and we really enjoyed the support we’ve received from the people of Toronto.

I’d love to tour Canada again, and it would be awesome to play the entire country, which I think we’ve played before.

The biggest challenge of a tour like this is trying to find a balance between making sure people are enjoying the music, but also trying to be as accessible as possible.

And that is really the challenge.

I’m hoping that the audience is excited about it, but they can also kind of understand that it’s a different experience, because the band hasn’t played there for a long time.

What was your favorite show at the festival?

For me, I think it’s probably Toronto because it’s such a great city.

It has a huge festival scene and a very diverse festival scene, and I’m really excited to play there.

It was definitely a fun show.

How do you feel about touring as a family?

We’ve been traveling with this band for a while, and when we got to New York, it was a really nice, long-distance relationship.

It helped us really appreciate all the different places we could be and really understand where we fit in.

We had such a big experience playing together in the UK.

We all have that relationship that you always want to be together, and this was just a great experience to have.

How did the band come up with the tour itinerary?

We had all these different options, and one of them was that we’d take the R&B-heavy, heavy rock tour in 2019 and it just kind of happened that we got a really good vibe in New York at that time.

So we took that and tried to kind of make it a little bit more accessible to the fans, but we also wanted to kind in the band some other stuff that we loved.

It didn’t work out the way we wanted it to, so we’re really looking forward to the new tour, but I think that we’ve done it pretty well in terms of trying to make it accessible to fans.

The Rascal tour is not without its challenges, however.

The band will have to deal with the fact that there will be a lot of people that aren’t fans of Nickelback or don’t have the kind of experience that we have, but hopefully the fans will appreciate the tour as well.

What are your favorite Nickelback songs?

I love everything, so that’s kind of my number one.

I think the biggest thing is, I’m very excited for the new song, “Sugar”.

It’s definitely one of my favorite songs I’ve written, so I’m just so excited to have it out.

We have a ton of great new songs, so you can just keep going.

I really like “Lonely,” “Ain’t I a Woman”, and “My Way.”

What was the most memorable moment from your time in Canada?

The biggest moment was probably the first day, and that was when we went on a flight to Toronto.

The whole flight was like 10,000 miles from the city and all the planes were packed.

We were all like, “Wait, wait, we’re here.

This is crazy!”

And when we landed, we got an email from our agent and she said, “You guys got to check out the Canadian airport.”

We were like, Whoa.

That’s crazy!

The next day, we were just so hyped to be here.

And it was definitely the most surreal thing.

What were some of your favorite shows to play as a band?

For the last

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