When the sun goes down on the British island of Tahiti, you can still be the only Brit on the island

The sun sets on Tahiti at 4.15pm local time on Friday.

As a rule, it’s a good time to be on the beach, but not this day.

The only Brits on the small island are a couple of locals, including the British ambassador to Tahiti and their six-month-old son.

The ambassador is accompanied by a British tourist group.

They’ve come to Tahitian territory, the small nation of Tahitius, to mark a decade since the end of British rule in the archipelago.

They want tourists to come back with a sense of belonging, and they’ve organised a number of activities for tourists.

The group of tourists has taken on an identity as the Tahiti Tourists Association, and is now planning an international tour that takes them around the island, starting with the famous Big Tree, the biggest in the world.

The island is an archipelagic territory that has been a British colony since its independence from France in 1954.

Since the UK’s departure from Tahiti in 1973, Britain has controlled it through military rule and political coercion.

Tahiti’s small population is predominantly French, with many English speaking people, but its native language is English.

The tourists have come to see what life on the tiny island was like before Britain left.

A British tour guide with the TahitiansTourists Association says the island is the most remote in the Indian Ocean and that there are few tourists on the mainland.

He says it’s important for tourists to understand what life is like on Tahit Island.

“I think we all feel a little bit out of place here,” he said.

“We’re not used to this kind of atmosphere.

There are lots of other islands in the water, and it’s not like we’re at the top of the world and everybody’s happy.”

The whole island feels like a foreign country, and so when you see tourists coming here, it just gives you a little something to get used to.

“The group is also hoping to raise awareness about tourism and tourism in general.

The tourism association is also planning a two-day tour to Tahiticu on April 4.

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