When Tom Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, and Bob Dylan performed at a South Florida airboat tour in the 1980s

By now, most of you have heard of the Springsteen/Dylan/Dinosaur Jr. “Tribute to the Air” tour of Florida.

The tour was meant to honor the men and women who worked for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and their families, including some who were the victims of the 1986 Tompkins Square Park fire. 

The tour, which opened in 1988, was the last of its kind in the U.S. and became one of the longest-running tours in the country.

The Airboat Tour was a popular stop for the tour in Florida, with the men of the tour arriving at the Florida Museum of Natural History and the Florida Pavilion on the West Coast in 1987. 

For the 1989 tour, Springsteen played in Miami Beach on April 30, which was a week before the 1989 Super Bowl.

The show, billed as “A Day of Love and Thunder” was the biggest of the weekend and was headlined by Bob Dylan.

It drew 3.8 million people to the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Dylan performed his iconic “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” and the song “All Along the Watchtower” with a few other popular songs including “This Land Is Your Land.” 

The Springsteen-Dylan concert at the Miami Pavilion was the final one of its sort in the United States and the last time the band played at the event.

In 1986, Springstones performance of “The Promised Land” at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game was the only time the two artists performed together, and he never performed at any other football games. 

In 1992, Dylan performed in Miami on June 17, but the show was canceled when Hurricane Andrew passed.

In 2007, Spring and Dylan returned to the same Miami airboat where they had performed two years earlier, but this time, it was to perform at the South Florida International Airport.

Springsteen also performed a show in Tampa Bay on July 13, 2007, but he had to cancel due to the flooding of the area and the fact that he was unable to fly out of the state. 

Bob Dylan and Bruce Springstoned perform during the 1989 “Tompkins Squares Airboat Tours” at Miami Beach Airport.

The concert at South Florida’s Tompkin Square Park was the largest of its type in the US and the only one of it’s kind in history. 

Dylan performs at the 1988 “Tommie Sunshine” Airboat tour. 

This photo was taken on the Miami River in 1988. 

Bruce Springsteen performs “Ace of Spades” with his band at the 1989 Airboat tours at the Tompkinton Square Park. 

A group of South Florida Airboat fans in 1986 watches as Bob Dylan performs on the 1989 Miami Beach Airboat Festival. 

On March 6, 1991, Bob Dylan and his band played the last show of the Miami Airboat Museum tour.

The event was held at the PortMiami Marina. 

It was the first of the Airboat Shows and the first Airboat Tribute to a deceased member of the military.

Dylan was joined by his bandmates on stage and a large number of fans lined the waterfront. 

(Courtesy of The National Park Service) “Tribute” and “Treme” (Photo: The National Parks Foundation) (Credit: The New York Times/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)In 1990, Spring said in an interview that he and Dylan had never discussed the idea of performing at the Airplane Tour. 

“We’ve always said that it would be an honor for the Airboats to honor our heroes and those who worked there,” Springsteen told CBS in 1990.

“They’ve been honored at the World Trade Center and they’ve been honorably honored by the National Guard at the Capitol, so we’ve always thought that it was an honor to be honored in that way.

It was a big honor to play in that setting, but it was never in our mind.

It would be a shame if we got into that situation.” 

When asked by ABC News in 2013 if he thought the AirBoat tour would be cancelled again, Spring responded, “I don’t know.” 

“I don’ think we’d ever play at the airport again, ” Springsteen continued.

“We’re going to do it one day, we’re going play one more time, but I don’t think it’s ever going to happen again.

It’s always going to be something that we’ve planned for.” 

In 2012, Spring released a book called The Greatest Show on Earth, which includes the Airborne Stories of all the Airbombers and their crews.

He also released the memoirs of his band members. 

While Springsteen did not tour in South Florida again, he did tour at the Oceanfront Amph

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