When will the Bad Bunny Tour start?

The Bad Bunny tour will start on Saturday, April 10, at the Melbourne Opera House.

The tour is an annual event that draws thousands of people from around the world and includes live entertainment, interactive art installations and educational workshops.

It’s an annual affair and it’s been on the back of a growing interest in the tour, which started in the UK with a tour in 2007 and has grown worldwide.

In Australia, it was originally planned to start in 2019 but that date has been pushed back to 2020.

“The Bad Bunny” has been a hit with tourists and has drawn the attention of the Victorian Government and tourism officials.

Melbourne Tourism and Culture Minister Richard Colbeck said the Bad Rabbit Tour had already attracted millions of dollars in direct spending.

Tourism Victoria’s chief executive, Steve Chappell, said it was a great example of the kind of events that could bring people together.

“We’re hoping that the Bad Rabbits tour will continue to attract the world’s best to Melbourne and to Victoria, and the best of all, tourists,” Mr Chappel said.

We hope that Melbourne will be the first city in the world to host a Bad Bunny concert.

He said it would attract people from across the globe, including people who had never been to Melbourne before.

Bad Bunny tour at the Sydney Opera House in 2019: Photo: Supplied Tourist Affairs Victoria director of community engagement David McLean said the event had become a global phenomenon.

“It has been an incredible success, and we’re looking forward to hosting a Bad Rabbit concert in the future,” Mr McLean told the ABC.

However, Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews said the tour would be postponed until the end of 2019.

Australia is the world leader in the Bad Chicken Tour, which draws tens of thousands of visitors every year to Sydney.

Victoria’s Bad Bunny event at the Opera House was cancelled last year after concerns were raised about safety.

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