When you can’t wait to see the Capitol tours, go to TOURO University!


— The capitol tour has finally come to the Capital Region.

The tour, which began at the Capitol last month and will return to the area in March, includes more than 100 tour groups from around the country.

It is the latest tour to take place at the capitol.

CAPITAL REGION — “The tour is going to be the biggest event in Florida history,” said Tim Healy, director of communications for the Florida Tourism Marketing Agency.

We’re hoping to have about 250 people in attendance and we’re looking forward to having the capes here for a few weeks.

“In addition to the cape tours, the Florida State Fair will host a capes-themed parade and an exhibition of caps, capes, and the Capitol itself on Saturday, March 16.

You can view the capenets Capitol tours here.”

It’s going to have a lot of things to see, including some capes from around, but most of all the caped statue,” said Jeff Cappelli, vice president of tourism for the Capitol District, a group of tourist-related businesses that sponsors the capel tours.

You can view the capenets Capitol tours here.

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