Which NHL teams are making the playoffs and which are in the wildcard race?

This week, the NHL is in the midst of its wildcard playoffs.

It’s not a good time to be a fan of the league.

But it’s a good opportunity to get a better look at some of the teams that are still alive in the playoff race.

Here’s a look at the best teams, based on where they are at the moment.1.

St. Louis Blues (20-11-1)Record: 16-13-2Wins: 5 (OT)Losses: 1 (OT), 2 (OT-OT)Series tied: 1Head coach: Scott GordonThe Blues have won their past four games, and they’ve done it with a gritty, gritty style.

They’re still in the race for the Western Conference’s best record, but it’s pretty clear they’ll need to play better if they want to make it deep into the playoffs.

The Blues are one of four teams with five or more victories, and their win total is tied for fourth-best in the NHL.

It could be enough to make the playoffs if they can get past the Los Angeles Kings and Vancouver Canucks.

Gordon will be looking for his first win in his second season as the Blues coach, and he has a history of making the postseason at least once in each of his first two seasons in St. Paul.

His team has had success in those years, winning seven straight.

The team is looking to improve on a 6-8-0 record in 2016-17, which includes a five-game losing streak to the Colorado Avalanche in the first round.

They lost three straight before falling to the New York Islanders in the second round, and Gordon had a chance to put the Blues back on track when he took over the reins from Rob Blake.

But they were a better team when Blake was coach, finishing third in the Western conference in goals (28), third in assists (37) and second in power-play goals (14).

The Blues won their final three games of the season, but they were blown out in the opening round by the Losers.

The loss was their first in the series.

They haven’t won since.

They need a lot of help.

Gordon has been a solid coach for the past three seasons, but he is a bit of a new face for the team.

The team has been without several key pieces, including forward Mattias Ekholm, who missed time with an injury.

The Blues were expected to have another major signing when they re-signed forward Vladimir Tarasenko to a one-year, $4.25 million contract.

But Tarasky is now suspended for two games after being charged with assault and battery.

They still need to fill out the roster.2.

Colorado Avalanche (22-14-3)Record : 20-9-3Wins : 5 (W)Loses: 2 (W-OT), 1 (WOT-2), 3 (OT)-OTSeries tied : 2Head coach : Patrick RoyThe Avalanche are still in control of their destiny in the Central Division, which means they will play in the postseason for the second straight year, with the Western-leading Los Angeles Ducks, Ottawa Senators and Edmonton Oilers likely in the hunt for a wildcard spot.

They haven’t been very good this season.

They have been outscored by a combined 1.4 goals per game.

That’s tied for the fourth-worst mark in the league, behind only St. Lous and Minnesota.

But the Avalanche are averaging 3.2 goals per contest.

The worst mark was 0.8 scored per game by the Edmonton Oilers in 2015-16.

The Avalanche are on a roll offensively, averaging 3:06 of time on ice per game this season, which is second-best.

They are also on the power play, which leads the league at 5.2 percent, third in scoring.

They’ve been one of the few teams to score a lot offensively, scoring 19 goals in their last three games.3.

Anaheim Ducks (20, 8-12-1), Edmonton Oilers (16, 9-11)Record.



4 (OT).


1 (NHL Playoffs), 1-2-2 (NLL), 1(OT) Series tied : 3Head coach.

Scott GordonGordon was promoted to coach in December.

He replaced Craig Berube, who had been the Ducks coach since the 2014-15 season.

The Ducks were tied for first place at the end of last season, and now they’re just a game behind the Ducks for the last wildcard slot.

Gordon has been an excellent coach, but the Ducks will need a big bounce-back season from their talented forward group.4.

Buffalo Sabres (17-14, 6-9)Record, 22-14.WINS.

5 (SO), 3-4-2LOSSES.

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