Which of the three tour guides is best?

By THE ASSOCIATED PRESSTour guide Michael Smith of The Touro College of Business in South Bend, Ind., is among the most recognizable tour guides in Indiana.

He has been traveling the state since the 1980s.

He is one of three tour guide candidates for the position of director of the Touro campus.

Touro’s first vice president and vice president of student services, Smith has been at Touro for more than 35 years.

His experience includes managing student housing and facilities and teaching at the university.

His current duties include marketing and promotion of the school, and developing partnerships with universities and corporations to support Touro’s academic mission.

Smith has worked at Touros campuses for 10 years.

He was previously the associate director of campus operations for the University of Notre Dame, where he helped launch a campus-wide youth development program.

He was named vice president for student affairs in 2013 and has been in charge of the university’s undergraduate admissions office since then.

The Touro college has a total enrollment of 2,500 students.

The school also offers a Master of Arts in College and Professional Studies program.

Smith is currently seeking a permanent position.TOURO’S REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE IN NORTH CAROLINA STATE Sen. John Bracey (D-Charlotte) announced his candidacy on Tuesday.

Bracey, a former North Carolina state legislator, is seeking to become North Carolina’s next senator in 2018.

He also chairs the North Carolina Republican Party.

Brady has served as the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, and the ranking member on the Senate Budget Committee.

He previously served as a member of the North Carolinian Senate and a North Carolina State Representative.

He has represented the state in the North Dakota Legislature since 2008.

He also is a former member of North Carolina Senate’s Judiciary Committee.

Britton was elected to the North American College Board’s Boards of Governors in 2014.

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