Which of the World Cup teams have the best home kits?

With the new year upon us, it is time to assess the home kit for each of the 16 participating nations.

First, the best kit in Europe: The Republic of Ireland (image: Getty Images)The Republic of Irish have been consistently one of the most consistent home kits in the World Cups, winning their last three and scoring four goals from the back. 

In fact, the Republic’s home kits have been so consistent that it is difficult to call the Republic any less successful than other teams. 

The kit is based on a traditional ‘gauge-inspired’ look, and the Irish have had to adjust to playing with a wide range of players from the national side. 

Their ‘A’ kit has been the most successful, with a large ‘A’, with ‘D’ and ‘M’ printed on the chest and the sleeves. 

However, the ‘A’-themed kit has also had the least success in terms of jersey sales, with only 15% of jerseys sold to Republic fans. 

While it has been a success, the kit has not won the hearts of fans and has been widely criticised for being ‘too familiar’ and too ‘giant’. 

A different approach was taken in the United States, with the ‘Gauge’ kits, which have an ‘A-style’ look and featured a more traditional ‘A-‘ logo. 

A look of this nature has been more successful for the American team, with fans purchasing 5% more jerseys from their clubs than the Republic did. 

New England Revolution (Image: Getty)New England have won two World Cups with their home kit, having won their first in 1994. 

But it was a different look in 2010 when they took on the likes of England, Spain and Portugal, with an even more ‘traditional’ look that featured the ‘M’-inspired ‘G’ logo.

This was the only time the Revolution’s home kit won the competition, with their only victory coming at the hands of Colombia. 

Fans of the Revolution are still loyal to the kits and will likely be happy with their success. 

São Paulo Reggae Boyz (Photo: Getty/AP)The São Paulo Resurgence has been one of Brazil’s most successful teams, with seven World Cups under their belt. 

One of the things that has made them successful has been their home kits, with many players wearing a distinctive blue and white jersey. 

Players such as Paulo Gómez, Marcelo and Luiz Gustavo have all worn the kit, with Luiz making his debut in a ‘Guitar’ shirt. 

Another of the players who have worn the São Patria is midfielder Lucas Vázquez, who has made his home debut with the team. 

This shirt has been worn by a number of Brazilian stars including Ronaldo, Marcel de Jong, Gio and Luís Figo. 

Brazilian midfielder Neymar has also worn the jersey. 

 A closer look at the kit is of course, with Argentina and the Netherlands both featuring the same design, although the Dutch have been the more successful. 

There is a similar design to the Netherlands’ home kit which featured the team’s colours of white, blue and red, while Argentina’s kit featured yellow, green and orange. 

With their home colours, the Netherlands have won three World Cups and are still the most-successful team in the tournament, with over half of their shirts sold to fans in the Netherlands. 

It is no surprise that Argentina have the most success, with just 15% more fans buying their jerseys than the Netherlands, with less than half the jerseys sold being sold to supporters. 

Chelsea and Barcelona (Picture: Getty )The two biggest European teams, Chelsea and Barcelona, have had their home jerseys worn by many of the best players in the game. 

Diego Costa, Luis Suarez, Oscar and David Luiz have all played in their home shirt, with Chelsea captain John Terry the only player to not play in the home jersey.

However, with two teams that have a strong home tradition, it can be difficult to gauge whether the home kits of these two teams are as successful as they would be if they played in a different kit. 

Although there are no statistics available for the home shirt of both Chelsea and Barça, the statistics show that they are very similar, with more than half of the jerseys being sold in the clubs home territory. 

According to statistics provided by StatsZone, Chelsea are the only club in the Premier League to sell more jerseys than Barça. 

Barcelona have been criticised for not playing in their own home stadium, which means that they have had the most expensive kit in the competition. 

Overall, the home team has scored more goals than their away counterparts, with 17 goals scored in their first five home games compared to nine for their away opponents. Both

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