Which Republican presidential candidate has the most potential to win the 2020 election?

Yaya tourem is a pseudonym for a retired diplomat who was in charge of coordinating the United States’ military presence in Iraq and Syria before the war there.

He was instrumental in the Pentagon’s efforts to arm and train moderate Syrian rebels who were then fighting the Islamic State.

Trump has made no secret of his admiration for Toure, calling him “the best fighter in the world.”

But Toure also has strong connections to Russia.

A senior White House official told CNN that Toure was in the Trump administration during the transition and that he had helped organize Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in February.

In a February interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, Toure said the Trump team “has a lot of Russian friends” in the White House, which may explain why Toure “has been invited by the Trump White House.”

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