Which team has the best Tour de France Tour of the Classics?

The Tour de l’Ain has a long tradition in France, and with the exception of the 2013 edition, the Tour de Romandie, in addition to being a World Cup race, is a staple of the country’s sporting calendar.

The event’s last edition was held in 1995, and since then, it has been held every year, from the World Championships to the Euro Championships.

The 2014 edition saw a host of riders take part, including world champion Michael Matthews, and it is said to have been a very strong and memorable event, with an average of about 35,000 fans in attendance.

There is also an official pre-tour programme in place, with teams being given the opportunity to pick the teams that they would like to stage on their way to the event.

The main contenders were the reigning world champions, Astana, and the reigning race leaders, the Red Bull Cycling Team, as well as the best French riders in the peloton.

This year, there were also a number of teams with a strong chance of advancing through to the main race in the form of Team Sky.

It was a tough battle for the top two spots in the race, but with a combination of strong performances from both the Red Bulls and the Astana squad, the race was a great opportunity for all the teams to shine. 

However, there are several teams that have taken their chances, and even made it to the final. 

Team Sky were a strong contender this year, as they were able to secure the race in a very tough race with only three stages to go.

With the likes of Simon Yates, Daniel Martin, and Ian Stannard, they had a lot to prove this year and were able put in some solid performances to secure their spot in the overall race, which they finished on top of. 

 The same could not be said for the other three teams, though. 

The two that made it into the final stage were Orica-GreenEDGE and BMC Racing Team, who were the favourites to make it, but the former team had to drop out of the race with the arrival of Simon Gerrans. 

In the event of a breakaway, this was the scenario that the teams had to look out for, with BMC Racing having two riders who were in contention to make the move, while the French team also had a couple of riders who had a chance of making it in the break. 

Orica-Cervelo were the second team to drop from the race this year.

The team had a good start to the season, but it quickly fell apart after losing the lead in the closing stages, with a crash being the most likely cause of the loss. 

When the race came to a close, it was BMC Racing who had the lead, with the gap to the overall contenders at 2:00. 

BMC had a strong team, led by Richie Porte, but after Porte’s crash, it looked like it would be another race where he would lose out. 

This was the case, as Porte was the only rider to take a stage in the final race, and was able to get the gap down to 3:00, but he also dropped out of this year’s race, leaving the race as the only one to be contested in the 2016 edition. 

After missing out on the race for the first time in years, Team Sky have had a big year in 2017, winning the WorldTour title and winning the Tour of Britain. 

Their first ever Tour de la Vuelta victory in 2015 was followed up by a strong result in the Tour Down Under, as the team won the race to the tune of 11th place overall.

This is the second time they have won a stage race in 2017 and the third time they finished in the top ten of a major race. 

For a team that is considered one of the favourites in the world, it is always good to have some support from the other teams, as Team Sky are now in a position where they are in a strong position to win the race.

 Olivier Giubilini and Pierre-Hugues David de la Cruz, two riders that were expected to be in contention for the overall win, were dropped from the team after a crash in the stage three. 

Simon Yates was not able to return to the stage after having surgery to repair a torn ACL in his knee, but Team Sky still managed to win this race in spectacular fashion. 

They won the stage, and then proceeded to ride home in the lead of the stage.

The stage was not the easiest one to ride for them, with some bad weather and some riders getting separated from the group. 

As the riders were on their own in the flat section of the circuit, it took a while to get to the finish, and they were caught in the

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