Why are you watching COD? COD: Warzone is the new Battlefield

The next big multiplayer shooter is coming soon, but one thing you won’t be able to play is the popular CoD franchise.

Instead, COD has you fighting the likes of Call of Duty, Call of Juarez, Battlefield, and more for all you want to be able get into a multiplayer battle with your buddies.

The game is currently in alpha, but you can try it right now for free on Steam and the Oculus Store.COD:Warzone, however, is not going to be as easy to find.

The game was originally created by developers of Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare and its multiplayer is the best thing about it, but it is missing the ability to join multiplayer games.

That’s a major limitation that will be rectified with COD Warzone.

In order to join a multiplayer game, you have to be on the same network, meaning you have one game account to sign into and another one to play on.

You can then choose to join two or three of the games in a lobby.

Cointelegraph reports that a new multiplayer lobby system will be introduced in COD.

This will allow players to be paired up with friends on the network and join a battle.

You will be able join matches via a new “invite” button on your controller, where you can invite a friend or invite your own friends.

This feature will allow for a much more streamlined experience, and is a big step forward for COD, which has been plagued by an inability to play with other players online.

The fact that the new feature will work is a huge bonus, but we are not sure how well it will work in practice, as we will have to wait and see how it will perform on the field.

We do not have a date on when COD’s new multiplayer feature will be released.

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